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I have been on various sports pages, various new reporters and this is the information on free agency had some major and minor signings as well as releases, I will name the signings and trades which will make an impact to the next season as well as the teams.


Former Steelers players: DE Ziggy Hood was signed by Jacksonville Jaguars.

·         LB Lamarr Woodley signed with the Oakland Raiders for $12 Million, 2 year contract. Woodley is going to a team who are unfortunately is not relevant in their division which is controlled by Denver and recently Kansas City. I wish him the best for him though.

·         LB James Harrison was cut by Cincinnati Bengals after just one year, this was freeing $1.43 Million in cap space. This was not a huge surprise due to last season’s injury and his lack of performance. There are some who say that he should return to the Steelers but I do not see that happening plus similar to Clark I believe it is time for Harrison to reign in the towel and retire.

·         WR Emmanuel Sanders visited with Jacksonville Jaguars and met with Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

·         DL Cam Thomas to interview with Pittsburgh Steelers tomorrow.

·         S Mike Mitchell has signed with the Steelers


Now onto the rest of NFL Free Agency

·         Former Broncos WR Eric Decker had signed a deal worth $36.25M for 5 year to the New York Jets

·         Darelle Revis was signed with the New England Patriots for $12 million one year deal.

·         The main news which surprised me was LB Darren Sproiles who was traded by New Orleans Saints to Philadelphia Eagles for the 5th round pick, which in my opinion is a devalue of Sproiles but the Eagles are making moves to be relevant competitors in NFC East as well as NFC.

·         WR Steve Smith was released by the Carolina Panthers but there is word that the Baltimore Ravens are interested in picking him up.

·         DT Vince Wilfork asking to be released from New England Patriots states he will not restructure his contract.

·         DE Justin Tuck has signed with the Oakland Raiders for $11 Million, 2 year deal.

·         San Diego Chargers have signed QB Clemmons to a 2 Year deal it is unknown the amount.

·         DL Jason Hatcher is reportedly signing with Washington Redskins

·         Tackle Roger Saffold was to sign with Oakland Raiders but failed his physical and resigned with St Louis Rams


Raiders seem to be the main team moving forward in regard to signing players.

Steelers as usual are a team who are silent on who they sign plus who they sign are normally no big names or they await the draft season.

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